Saturday, July 23, 2011

Piazza di Pietra

Piazza di Pietra by Simona

Between the Pantheon and Via del Corso, you come across a narrow square, Piazza di Pietra, which refers to the imposing columns of a temple to Emperor Hadrian built in 144 AD by his successor Antoninus Pius. 

During the various centuries the building has been incorporated into a large building to later house the central Customs Office (Dogana di Terra) for goods which reached Rome by land. 

Today the building belongs to the Roman Chamber of Commerce.  

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Saturday, July 9, 2011


A new course at New Farm State School !!

FETE's Day 2011: New Farm State School in Brisbane

Every second year New Farm State School organize the Fete. This is the Fete's Day was celebrated on 19 June 2011 and everyone from the school participated in a different way. 

I did lots of photos!! Here just some of them!! We had games, stands, cakes, coffee, and much much more....Have a look!!



kids watching games

some wonderful cards

all the kids at school participated to create this artwork!

little plants


some helpers

the principal


children art

children art

children art

children art

children art

children art

children art

                                                                     Tony and Lyn

                                                               on the horse

                                                                with the animals

                                                                    more animals

                                                                       let me look!

                                                                                 how cute!

                                                           and more games

                                                                     more pets

                                                                        I am here too!

                                                   cake boxes decorated by kids

                                                                   more boxes

                                                                  more music

                                                                  jam in the hall


                                                                        I need a coffee!!


                                                                       more cakes

                                                   look how yummy they are!
                                                                 more more cakes

                                                   you could cut even your hair today!

Thanks Kate!

                                                                    and there was even face painting



                                                        more cakes and tea room

                                                                 books and music

people around

                                                         and what do you think of this?

                                                                         craft and more...

                                                   at the table to do some artworks

                                                      and finally something fun...

                                                                          and joyful!!!

It was a lovely day and everyone enjoyed!!

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