Monday, July 7, 2014

Tell me how you dress and I will tell you who you are....

Shorts, thongs....  Clothes represent personality and social status in Italy so people wear nice clothing almost all the time.

Italians seeing you for the first time will judge you by your appearance, and will respond accordingly. So if you dress or look like a tourist, you will be treated like one. For this reason when you go to Italy try to blend in, wear nice clothes and have fun!!

In this way you will also avoid attracting the wrong people!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

When in Rome … drink coffee as the Romans do...including myself!!!

One thing that often perplexes Australians visiting Italy is the coffee and the whole cafe experience. Italians have some very strong rituals and norms when it comes to coffee but it’s not that hard to make your way around the cafe experience like a local if you know the basics.

This is me enjoying a coffee in New Farm

While here in Australia for me drinking coffee has become a social experience, as it is for many other people, in Italy this action is seen more of a transaction, a necessity of daily life, though an enjoyable necessity to be savoured several times during the day. 

This explains why coffee is mostly drunk al bar. It’s quick and easy to stop and order a coffee on the way to work, or during the late morning or even in the afternoon. Coffee is generally ordered at the counter to the barista after you have paid at the cashier and handed over your docket. However, if you want to try this experience in the early morning, don't be surprised if you are surrounded by many other people, who are rushing around with their busy lives. 

Anyway, if you think this is too much for you, just sit at the table and wait to be served, however expect to pay a higher price for the table service.

Different types of coffees are also drunk during the day. You would never see an Italian drinking cappuccino after a meal or after 10.30am, so next time you are in Italy don't forget this! DON'T ORDER A LATTE OR A CAPPUCCINO AFTER A MEAL. They will look at you in a funny way!!!

If you can't really drink just black coffee, order a macchiato, an espresso with a dash of milk or even better, a caffe' corretto, an espresso with a nip of Sambuca or Grappa (after dinner).

After saying that...just go and have fun!

Join me in my tours and drink coffee with me in the morning before we head off somewhere around Italy! 

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