Sunday, March 30, 2014

Let's Cook Italian : Italian cooking classes in New Farm

 So, you tell me...who doesn't like to eat?
Well, there's going to be a new Italian Cooking course in May!!!
Come and have fun!!!


Simona Albanese 

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Let's cook Italian

The term is gone, however there will be a new Italian Cooking course starting in May at New Farm State School. 

The course is limited to 8 people and it runs for three consecutive weeks.
In classes you cook, you eat and you meet some new friends!

So....I see you in class!

Here I'm in class with my students! We are preparing cannelloni and scaloppine!!!


A presto!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

ITALIAN CLASSES : Traveller, Conversation, Intermediate and Advanced

Italian classes at New Farm State School with Simona Albanese

Term 1 is almost finished, as well as the Italian courses. I will be off to Europe very soon to escort a new tour, therefore I have here new courses already organised for next term.

The new classes will start in May at New Farm State School and they will last 6 weeks.

Italian Beginners/Traveller
Monday,  May 12th

Italian Conversation
Monday, May 12th

Italian Intermediate 
Tuesday, May 13th

Italian Advanced 
Tuesday, May 13th

For info in regards to class you can contact me directly.
For enrolment contact Nancy at

I look forward to meeting you in class!

A presto!

Your connection to Italy

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