I have been involved in...

Courtyard of Palazzo Venezia (photo by Giorgio Albanese)

In Italy I have collaborated with different public institutions.
These are some of the events I have been involved:

 “La Ricerca della Natura. La collezione Pierluigi Amata” – Roma, Palazzo Venezia, Saloni Monumentali – 9.6.2005/17.7.2005. Organizer and art exhibition collaborator.

I dipinti della collezione Devanna” – Roma, Palazzo Venezia, Sala Altoviti – 30.6.2005/30.7.2005. Organizer and art exhibition collaborator.

Un inedito Donatello a Roma” - Roma, Palazzo Venezia – 15 June 2005. Organizer and art exhibition collaborator.

Fernando Botero. Gli ultimi quindici anni” – Roma, Palazzo Venezia, Saloni Monumentali – 7.6.2005/25.9.2005. Organizer and art exhibition collaborator.

Jiang Guo Fang. Il pittore della Città Proibita” - Roma, Palazzo Venezia – 28.7.2005/2.10.2005. Organizer and art exhibition collaborator.

When I was working for The James Wallace Arts Trust in Auckland (NZ) I have curated and supervised at the Wallace Gallery the following events:

"Brett a’Court: beyond the religious images" – 17.5.2008/ 31.5.2008

"Salon des Refusés: 17th Annual Wallace Art Award 2008" – 2.9.2008/27.9.2008

"Christian Nicolson" – 14.11.2008/3.12.2008

"Garth Steeper" – 5.12.2008/19.12.2008

"Chadid-Liam Moore-Pepshow: 21st Century Boys" – 20.3.2009/5.4.2009 

In Brisbane I have curated a photographic exhibition during the Italian Week 2010 entitled:
I came here to stay... (26 May-2 June 2010) at Vapiano restaurant in the CBD

I have promoted the knowledge of the Italian art with public lectures and I have been an active promoter of the Griffith University program: "Lingua e Comunita'".

I teach and share my passion for Italian language, art and culture in Brisbane or on tour with classes, seminars and study and pleasure tours.

Me in Capri

I look forward to hearing from you! Coming to Italy with me next time?

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