Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Correggio at the NGV and at the Galleria Borghese

Correggio, Madonna and Child with the Infant St John the Baptist at the NGV

Last year the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne has unveiled one of the most expansive artworks of the entire collection. In fact, when I went to Melbourne to present a lecture at the Johnstone Collection, I have seen this painting on display for the first time in my life.

The painting is considered executed by Antonio Allegri, more commonly know as Correggio, a well re-known northern Italian artist. Influenced by Mantegna's work in Mantua, Correggio's major artworks were executed in Parma. 

His work can be compared to the Danae, always by Correggio at the Galleria Borghese in Rome. This painting, commissioned by Frederick II Gonzaga as a present for Charles V, is considered one of his masterpieces. The episode is extrapolated by the Loves of Jupiter  by Ovid's Metamorphes.

Correggio, Danae at the Galleria Borghese

Now what do you see in this painting? Are there similarities?

A presto!

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