Friday, July 1, 2016


Caravaggio, Boy with a basket of fruit, circa 1593
Galleria Borghese

Calvesi (p. 25, 1998) describes this work as 'extraordinary because of the naturalist sensitivity with which the silent life of te magic fruit is evoked because of the masterly use of penombra which grades the positioning of the leaves in space and because of the exquisite intensity of the colour references from the matt black of the youth's hair and eyes to the glossier black of the grapes from the whites touched by grey to the toned-down greens and the various ranges of red'. 

Do you want to talk a bit more of Caravaggio? 

An Italian Art workshop will be at New Farm State School on August 6th and 13th.

An Italian Art morning talk will be at ILC on August 27th.

If you need more info, just get in touch!

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