Monday, November 19, 2018

Few words on the Romanesque

Palazzo della Signoria or Palazzo Vecchio
In Italy the lively Romanesque, nourished on classical roots, gave a cool welcome to the French Gothic style. It willingly adopted certain structural elements, such as the pointed arch and clustered columns carrying rib vaults, thus favouring the "upward thrust" corresponding to the medieval spiritual quest; but it set heavy limits on the style's symbolic verticals, and avoided those staggering ornamentations which reduced the mystic ogival manner to the trivialities of flamboyant Gothic in countries beyond the Alps. 

The fusion of Gothic and Romanesque, moreover, happened in different ways in various Italian regions, according to the spirit of local cultures.

An outstanding example of this period is the huge stone mass of the Palazzo della Signoria, or Palazzo Vecchio in Florence (1298-1314), attributed to Arnolfo di Cambio. 

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