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Classical proportions in Venice: Tullio Lombardo

'Once the victory was won, it was Venice and not Florence that achieved in sculpture the truer recreation of antiquity' - John Pope- Hennessy

As well as Giorgione, Bellini and Titian, famous Venetian painters of the XV and XVI century, other artists, such as Tullio Lombardo, can be added to the circle of the Venetian accomplished artists of this period.

In fact, around 1495, Tullio Lombardo (1460-1532) inscribed his name on the relief 'A Couple' that now belong to the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti in the Ca' d'Oro Museum, a work that nobody had never seen until then in Venice or anywhere else. 

Tullio Lombardo's relief has been called a double portrait of Renaissance Italians in antique style, a commemorative monument and a romantic subject from ancient mythology interpreted in the form of paired busts.

A couple
Tullio Lombardo
Ca' d'Oro, Venice

Tullio Lombardo came from a prestigious family of sculptors and architects in Venice. He worked with his brother and dad, receiving many commission, including the tomb for the doge Andrea Vendramin (d. 1478) now in the church of Santi Giovanni e Paolo, the most lavish funerary monument of  Venetian Renaissance.   It originally contained this life-size figure of Adam, signed on the base by the sculptor.

Remarkable for the purity of its marble and the smoothness of its carving, 'Adam' was the first monumental classical nude carved following antiquity; prudery led to its removal from display around 1810–19, when the monument was transferred to SS. Giovanni e Paolo.

Adam (1490-1500)
Tullio Lombardo
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

There is always something new to discover!

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