Saturday, December 10, 2016

Why should you learn Italian?

You’re planning a trip to Italy...and you think you can go without knowing the language ..... it will be fun but a bit harder....
You’re married to an Italian or someone with an Italian my need to learn the language... 
Palazzo Colonna, Rome 
You have an Italian background yourself ....well you want to go to Italy...learn the language!!!!
You know that learning Italian unlocks the door to Italy's cultural "ricchezze": the food, the fashion, the movies, the music, the art.... 
Praiano, South of Italy

You work or do business in Italy or with need a mental challenge...
....and then make new friends!!!

NO MUCH TIME....Be quick and get in touch!

Italian classes, tours and much more....

Friday, December 2, 2016

Let's practise the market

At the market
Italian Cultural Experience

Can you ‪#‎translate‬ this?
A- ‪#‎Buongiorno‬ signora. Posso aiutarla?
B- Buongiorno. Vorrei un chilo di ‪#‎pomodori‬ e due ‪#‎carciofi‬.
A- Subito. Serve altro? Guardi che belle ‪#‎zucchine‬ e finocchi che ci sono.
B- No. Basta così. Quanto le devo?
A- Sono 7 euro.
B- Ecco a lei.
A- ‪#‎Grazie‬, il suo resto.
B- Grazie. ‪#‎Arrivederci‬.
A- Arrivederci.
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