Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dunedin and the Beloved Art

Dunedin was again another amazing place to visit after three years of absence. This time was so cold but so lovely to be there introducing again Italian artworks on display at the gallery.

It is amazing the amount of Italian artworks the gallery has there and how easily it is to walk around. Have a look to the art gallery webpage and you will find many more information on exhibition and artworks on display.

I have really enjoyed my time there!!! I will be probably be back next year in February for a conference.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Abbey Museum of Art and Archeology

Lost in the middle of nowhere in the Sunshine Coast, not far from Caboolture, there is there the Abbey Museum of Art and Archaeology, which  displays the history of civilisation from prehistoric man to the modern age. 

What surprised me it was the manuscripts collection!!!

These manuscripts, together with the paintings they have in the collection, but unfortunately not on display at the current stage, are some of the most valuable pieces of art to preserve.

...and there is more....

Next to the Museum there is even the St. Michael's  Church, which contains stained glass. This collection features windows from medieval through to Edwardian times and charts over a 1,000 years of European stained glass production. 

This is the outside...unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to take pictures inside!!

This place is really worth a visit!

The Trevi Fountain

...My purpose is to tell of bodies which have been transformed into shapes of a different kind. You heavenly powers, since you were responsible for those changes, as for all else, look favourably on my attempts, and spin and unbroken thread of verse, from the earliest beginning of the world, down to my own times....

OVID, Metamorphoses

Ovid is perfectly right, when we talk about shapes and transformations of one of the most beautiful fountains of Rome there are no doubts!!!

Just look and admire!!!

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