Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Piazza Navona: the Christmas Fair

Piazza Navona is one of the most beautiful square or piazza of Rome with the  outstanding Fountain of the Four River by Gian Lorenzo Bernini, and the Church of  Saint Agnes in Agone by Borromini. 

Every year on this square the Christmas Fair market runs from December 8 to the Feast of the Epiphany, on January 6th. 

On the stands there are booths with toys, Christmas Decorations, figures for Christmas nativity scenes, candies, cakes, 
sweets, chestnuts, sugared apples, the famous torrone, liquorice and much more.

The Befana arrives on the 6th January. 
This is the day those children who have broken their promises or behaved naughtily receive coal in a stocking.

All Romans come here... like my kids who enjoyed themselves!!!  

Valentina in Piazza Navona - Christmas 2009

Lorenzo and Valentina around Piazza Navona

Lorenzo on the Mary-go-round 

Valentina on the Mary-go-round

My angels

Photos by Simona Albanese

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