Thursday, July 15, 2010

Living locally in New Farm

New Farm is really close to the CBD and is a nice place where to live. Easy to move around and with a wonderful park and market and easy access to the City Cat.

The market offers fresh fruits and vegetables, the shops are various and the coffee is not bad. 

the fruit shop

The playground and the park of New Farm are very big, they provide extensive recreations for children and adults.

Especially now that the playground has been all refurnished with new stuff for the children!!

The immense park is perfect for jogging or for children to play soccer...

or for relax like my daughter!!!

If you walk around New Farm that what you can probably see on the way to school when I go to pick up my children.

a nice stop if you get tired especially during summer when it is so hot

the house of my Italian friends

and the lovely!!

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