Wednesday, August 10, 2011

La notte di San Lorenzo

Notte di San Lorenzo

Each year on the night of August 10th, Italians turn their eyes towards the sky hoping to spot a shooting star. 

This night is, in fact, since ever, dedicated to the martyrdom of San Lorenzo, who is buried since the third century in the homonymous basilica in Rome. The shooting stars represent the tears poured by the saint while dying on August 10th - it seems all those tears wander around  the sky all the year, until when on this night, shooting stars appear creating a magic and fantastic atmosphere

On this night, in fact, it seems that all your dreams come true, if you spot a shooting star and recite the nursery rhyme "Stella, mia bella stella, desidero che.." (Star, my beautiful star, I wish).....

So, if you didn't know that, this is something to celebrate next year....

Today was even my son Lorenzo "onomastico" - saint.
Tanti auguri amore di mamma!!

Lorenzo in Rome by Simona
A presto!

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