Friday, June 15, 2012

Biennale di Ferrara

The International Biennale of Ferrara is a cultural initiative organised by the Associazione Culturale Ferrara Pro Art in collaboration with public and private institutions.

The event offers its stage to emerging talents, established names alongside some of the cultural-artistic scene. The program provides a large space dedicated to visual arts and contemporary events, such as music, performances, guided tours to the city and much more.

The Biennale will run until December and it will involve many historic sites of the city of Ferrara, which is a place full of art and history.

Some of the instalment will be in the Castello Estense, the real fortress of the city centre. Erected in 1385 for Nicolo' d'Este to protect him and his family against external attacks, it was commissioned to the court architect Bartolino Novara. The new building was leaning against the old Tower of the Lions, incorporated in the new building, which was thus provided with four corner towers, joined together by restrained walls. For several decades, the castle was used as a military fortress, until when, since 1450, was gradually transformed into a stately home and lots of space was occupied by the court, which was embellished with frescoes and decorations. In short, the castle lost the stark appearance of the fortress to become a beautiful place with courtyards, decorated with turrets, balconies and sumptuous apartments.  Today the Castle houses the Provincial administration and the Prefecture of Ferrara. 

Even the Chiostro of Sant'Anna recently restored, will be used for this event. In the past this place was used as the old city hospital. In later centuries the complex was expanded to occupy much of the block to the north-east of the Castello Estense. The cloister is famous for the fact that the poet Torquato Tasso was imprisoned there for years for alleged insanity.

Many other places will be utilised during the next few months for the Biennale, therefore if you want to see something different, stop over in Ferrara for the day!

A presto!

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