Monday, November 29, 2010

Rome: Christmas is not far!!!!

During this time of the year it is normal to go around and see Christmas decorations in many different cities of Italy and this happen even in Rome, where usually the Christmas tree is on in PiazzaVenezia.....and just yesterday afternoon my parents stopped in Piazza Venezia, where they found the tree already in position, but without decorations due to the rain and so... 

Piazza Venezia (photo by Giorgio Albanese)

when my dad has returned home he has virtually decorated the tree and sent a photo to me!!

Tree virtually decorated by my dad!!

....nevertheless rain or not both of them, with the umbrella on, have decided to have a walk around and enjoy the exhibition in Palazzo Venezia.....but this time I wasn't there!!

My dad

My mum

......I was out with my children!!!

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